We are proud to have around 200 Junior members, Under 11 or Under 18 who enjoy the opportunity of an extensive and thriving coachingprogramme. There are a number of teams in the local league, and a range of competitions and tournaments. We have junior players competing in LTA junior/Mini Events and we have a number of players who are currently in the Cheshire top 10! It is our policy to introduce Juniors to Senior teams as soon as they reach the right competitive standard.

Junior members can also enjoy a supervised “Junior Club Night” free of charge on Friday evenings from April until end October. From 4.15 – 6.15 pm.

Courts Junior Matches

During weekends our Juniors have courts reserved to play their matches. On Saturdays they have 2 courts from 4 pm and 5 courts from 5 pm onwards. And on Sundays they have 2 courts from 3 pm and 5 courts from 4 pm onwards.