Lymm Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is a friendly and family orientated tennis club located in the centre of Lymm. We offer our members of any age and playing level (juniors and seniors) a wide range of social tennis, league tennis, tournaments, coaching and other events.

We have 13 courts of which 4 grass courts and 9 all weather courts. With so many courts you rarely have difficulty getting a court and you can play throughout the entire year; spring, summer, autumn or winter (weather permitting).

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Dear Member,

As the new Membership Secretary, when I took over Martin Dunley’s database of members, I spent several months becoming accustomed to our systems and also working with the LTA and members of the Committee in order to update our methods. Having reviewed the options available to us, we have decided to make use of the free database and membership services package provided by the LTA, known as “Clubspark”.

This web facility is much more than a basic database and has already been embraced by many clubs, both locally and nationwide. The membership section of the database allows members to input their contact details and even pay securely, online. This is an infinitely more efficient and reliable system, with the added benefit of being part of a hub of information that we will be looking to expand. Communication will be much easier and members will receive clear and timely reminders, not only of membership renewals but also of upcoming club events etc.

Clubspark will allow you, as members, to update and maintain your details accurately. Please populate as much of the database as you are willing; very little is obligatory (all juniors should have an adult contact linked to their membership). For example, it would be useful to have everybody’s birthdays and approximate date of joining the club. This would enable the Committee to evaluate how the Club should develop over the next few years. Please also input your British Tennis Number – this will allow you to enter the Wimbledon draw, as we are unable to allocate any tickets to members that haven’t completed this box. However, it is not compulsory to complete these fields – just helpful if you do!

This year we have been able to offer 10 distinct categories of membership that we are confident offer excellent value for your money. They have been tailored to meet the requirements of many family configurations, with built-in discounts applied. In other words, you will still be able to subscribe to discounted family packages, with one main contact. The membership packages (showing comparison with last year’s fees) are as follows:
2017-18 2018-19
Full Playing 200 200
U23 73 73
U11 58 58
U7 0 0
Country (>15miles) 135 150
Social (non-playing) 30 30
Family max 450 450
1FP; 1U23 245.70 240
1FP; 2U23 311.40 300
2FP; 1U23 425.70 410

In most cases, one category should fulfil your needs. However, in some cases it may be more economical to apply for separate packages. So, for example, if you are paying for 2 Full Playing members, you will have to enter this twice. Likewise if you are a 1 Full Playing, 2 U23 and 1 U11 family, the cheapest way to join is to subscribe as a 1FP; 2 U23 and separately join the U11 as another package. Alternatively, and in any case, you can always use the Family package, but you will then pay £450. Please note that within the family categories U11 children can be classed as U23.

With regard to paying, Clubspark has a direct debit system of accepting your payment. This is not a true “Direct Debit” system as the only payment it will initiate is for the current year. When you tick “Direct Debit” and provide your bank details, then Clubspark will take the money that you have agreed for it to do from your bank account. There will be no further payments taken from your account, unless you opt for instalments (see below).

For this year only, if you are concerned about using Clubspark, you can still pay by bank transfer using our sort code : 40-08-22 and account number 01716131. If you want to use this facility (and we would prefer you not to), please also e-mail Peter Keeling on letting him have details of each member that you are paying for. Even if you use this method you will need to register your Clubspark account as we need you to accept our terms and conditions, your willingness or not to be e-mailed with club events and update for any errors on the database. Without doing this, even if you pay, you will not be entitled to membership.

In line with an ever-increasing number of payable services, we have decided that we will no longer be able to allow payment by cash or cheque. Neither will we accept (at this stage) payment by credit card, as the charges are too high.

Clubspark does have the benefit of a new feature; a facility which enables us to offer payment by instalments. This means that you can choose to spread your subscription over 4 months (normally March, April, May and June). So if you take up this offer (only available if you also opt to pay by Direct Debit), then Clubspark will initiate 4 payments.

I apologise in advance for any teething trouble; I am afraid that some errors – despite our very best efforts – are almost inevitable. This transition is a complex process and your patience is much appreciated. We are sure that the benefits will far outweigh the inconvenience of getting used to a new system and that you will see these benefits almost immediately. We anticipate that your help will most likely be required where we need to show the Contact ID for juniors since we have made assumptions in many cases or used what is the junior e-mail address where this is the only one available from the old database. Please DO get in touch if there is an issue that you are unable to edit/correct and I will endeavour to help. My gratitude goes out to Peter Keeling, who has done a sterling job in the huge task of transferring the database information.

Before I go, please note that I do not have the time to chase members for their membership subscriptions (especially with this new system this year). You may get computer generated reminders, however, members that want to play in the teams must pay their subscriptions by 7th April. I will pass the list of subscriptions paid to the Mens and Ladies Captains after 7th April and I would not expect the captains to select any members that haven’t paid during April. At the need of April we will conduct a similar process for May.

Very soon, you should receive another email inviting you to register a Clubspark account. Please find time over the next week to complete this task – it should be much simpler than the old process which required you to download an attachment, work out your own fees, complete the form, print it off and post it or edit and resend it, then separately log into online banking and transfer fees! With the new season on the horizon, it is important that we have an up-to-date membership by the end of the month.

Finally, please use the following e-mail address to contact me if you have any concerns or queries:

Kind regards,
Izzie Underwood

Membership Secretary


To renew your membership please visit: